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conducts benchmark studies, evaluation research, and policy research for corporations and other organizations. It performs feasibility, business, startup and strategic planning that promotes social entrepreneurship in the area of consumer financial education, including investor education and education about health finances, and housing and homeownership. Through its research and cooperative programs, ISFS assists leaders in business, academia and the public sector in meeting today’s socio-financial challenges. Since its inception in 1991, ISFS has had a far-reaching impact. The results of ISFS research have been presented in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, and China, and have been translated into at least three languages. Inter-disciplinary curricula in financial sociology and financial gerontology have been introduced and taught at universities, and a Certificate Program in Financial Gerontology has been created for universities having gerontology institutes and programs.

Credit Builder's Alliance
Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) is an innovative non-profit social enterprise dedicated to building the capacity of a diverse and growing network of hundreds of nonprofits (CBA members) that help low- and moderate- income households build strong credit and other financial assets.  CBA serves as a unique and vital bridge between its members and the major credit reporting agencies (CRAs), and through its core services – CBA Reporter and CBA Access – provide nonprofits with both the ability and critical technical assistance to report loan data to the CRAs and to pull low-cost client credit reports for the purposes of financial education, outcome tracking, and underwriting. In addition to these services, CBA offers a wide range of practitioners’ hands-on credit building trainings, innovative tools, and forums for sharing with and learning from each other.

ISFS and CBA would like to thank Experian, a leading global information services company, for their funding for this site


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